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12313213Now, in any of your modules, you can create dynamic widgets with their business logic and templates. Forget about dozens of separate helper and the need to do the same routine operations! Also, this scheme will maintain cleanliness and order in the code for your project.Call each widget can ...
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Phalcon Community Hangout
Yesterday (2014-04-05) we had our first Phalcon community hangout. The main purpose of the hangout was to meet the community, discuss about what Phalcon is and what our future steps are, and hear news, concerns, success stories from the community itself.We are excited to announce that the first ...
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Phalcon 1.3.2 Released
We are today releasing the much awaited 1.3.2 version. This version has a ton of contributions from our community and fixes to the framework. We thank everyone that has worked on this release, especially with their contributions both to 1.3.2 and our work in progress 2.0.0.Many thanks to ...
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